Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Maori Art

M is for Maori Art.  We enjoy exploring Maori using Maori Art.  Our class heard stories about Maori and decided to express our feelings through Maori Art.

The whole school knows Maori people like Papa Jack. He taught our Middle Team about Maori legends and we painted taniwhas.

We shared the stories Papa Jack taught us on Matariki Day.  We made paintings of the Seven Stars of Matariki.  

Using Maori Art, we painted korus.  During literacy there was a poem.  Our class copied it down and drew a picture of Maui and his brothers.  We did a pamphlet of Maori names for food.  In the pamphlet I saw other names for pumpkin, kumara and other fruits and vegetables.

Maori Art helps kids learn Maori and more languages.
By Eva Lewis.  


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

On Tuesday I went to athletics. 
When I got there I felt nervous.   The highlight for me was long-jump.   When I did my real one I nearly got a four.  I felt proud of myself.  I sprinted fast and I jumped really high and flung myself forward.  I landed straight on my feet like a panther.
By Kyan Mooney

My Athletics Highlight

“OMG! I got a three!” There I was in the discus  part of athletics. I had just walked over to the grey concrete circle and had swiftly thrown the round, black discus and boom! I just got a tremendous, unexpected three! It was like the discus was being softly jet-p
ropelled. Everyone was just like; “Well done Zach!”  I was just so extremely proud of myself.

By Zach Brown

Red: Adjectives
Green: Verbs
Yellow: Adverbs

I threw the very heavy ball.  Guess what I did?  Shotput!!!  The ball flew to the highest number which was the furtherest, three.  I was amazed and shocked with myself.  My mum didn't know I was so good at shotput.  Me and about five other people got it to the number three.  Shotput was so fun.  The trick is you have to heave with all your power.
By Nadia Mabey
"On your mark, get set, go!"  Everyone cheered for me. I jumped as high as I could so I didn't knock them over.   My highlight was.......hurdles, because I came second.  I nailed it.  Sophie came first.  Akiva fell over and got a big scratch on her tummy.  On the second time I came third.  I was a bit sad that I didn't get in, but I got over it.

In the first round I sprang like a kangaroo and I sprinted like a cheetah.  I was exhausted at the end.

I was proud of myself.

By Tia Wallace.
My Athletics Highlight
Yay!  All the seven year olds were lining up for high jump.  I leaped over the tiny bar .Next I got nervous but I got over it .  Now I am jet  powered!  I sprinted and flung myself across the bar.  I was scared stiff. I through my back out and nailed it!  Iwas amazed!  I felt great!

By Ilah Beattie

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Here is a connection to "Song of Joy".

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

On Wednesday (today) we did sport activites with Kelly Sports (Mike & Kelly). The sports we did were: Athletics, Volley Ball, Fishing, Touch Rugby, Cricket, Bowling & Soccer. We went with LC 9. Some friends had split up. Some friends worked together.  It was awesome!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Holiday

In the holidays it was my sister Aeva's birthday and Aeva thought she was turning five.  But sadly no!  Anyway, the presents........  Mum, Dad and me got Aeva a dolls house.  It was taller than ME!!!!  It even had an elevator.  I did get one by myself, Trashies. I think Trashies are Trashies because they're like stinky trash.   I didn't get the dolls.  Nonnie and Poppa did.
We finally got to Sugar Plum Fairy Shop.  That's where Aeva's party was.  "I'm turning five.  Yay!" said Aeva.  "Aeva, you are turning four." I said.  "YAY!" Aeva said.  Finally everyone came.  The people were Megan, Kelly, Lala, Lily, Esta, Kaya, me and Aeva.  We were all fluttery fairies.  The person running was Holly.  Holly was VERY excited.  Lala thinks she wants her party there.  We played "Pass the Parcel" and I won a stone.  I called it "Ilah the sun fairy because it was bright yellow. Before we played games, Aeva opened the amazing presents.  

Finally the party was over.  Finally!" I said. "Oooh."  Aeva said.

Mum, Dad, Nonnie, me, Poppa ad Aeva (the birthday girl) met at mum's work.  I was surprised that Aunty Natalie and Uncle Pix were there.  "What?" I said.  "I've got dreamy eye!"  So did Aeva.  "Mine's called Slush." I said .  

"Mine's called Pepper." Aeva said.

We drove home and we never let go of our teddies.

By Ilah

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

 Transplanting Our Seedlings
We are naming and poking holes in our yoghurt containers that we are going to use to put our seedlings in.

We are filling the containers with soil.
We have just put the soil in the containers and are putting the plants in.
Now we are watering the plants.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tree Planting At Waitoetoe Park

The whole Simply Magic Team went down to Waitoetoe Park to plant some trees that were donated to us by ARocha. The names of the trees were Kahikatea, Griselinia, Cabbage Tree, Karaka, Lancewood and Pittosporum. We had loads of FUN!!!!!! Iola Haggarty brought the trees (that were donated to us by ARocha) down to Waitoetoe Park so we could plant them. Here are some some fabulous photos that we took:

Odd Shoe Day

Odd Shoe Day Is To raise money for summer camp for people with cancer. Odd shoe day is when you wear different funky shoes to school. The person with the oddest shoe wins a prize! We hope you enjoy these photos of the winners! 

By Ben Tinsley and Alex Hall





Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Today (Wednesday, 11 September) Russel St School's Band and Kapa Haka group came to our School. They were amazing!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ricoh Tournament

Riverdale School hosted the Ricoh Tournament today.  There were lots of sports including rugby and soccer.  Ben was in the rugby and Carter was in the soccer.  Don't they look amazing in their uniforms!!!!!

Fonterra Milk for Schools Launch.

We've been drinking milk and it's really tasty, fabulous and healthy.  It is making bones strong and we are concentrating really well!!!!!  Here are some photos we took on the day.

Market Day Products Inquiry
We are holding a Market Day next term to raise some money to buy the Middle School Classes some new things such as Lego, bean bags, Mancala, Marble Run or building blocks.  We had an immersion day last week when we went to other classes in the middle school to make products that might be suitable to sell.  Here we are!!!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Financial Literacy
Try this game at home.

me 1:

A game for two players. Players take turns stacking coins. Each time a coin is placed on the stack the total value of the stack needs to be stated by that player. The players take turns placing a coin and stating the total value until the stack falls over. The player who can not state the total of the stack or knocks the stack over loses the game.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spring is here at last.  Dreary winter has past.  To finish our "Being Healthy" Inquiry we grew some seeds yesterday.  We grew "Luscious Lettuces," 
"Rockin' Rocket," "Perfect Parsley" and "Sensational Spinach." We hope they grow well in the special propagators which were given to us by "Plant to Plate."  We will get lots of healthy vitamins and fibre from the vegetables.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Here is Ben Tinsley drinking milk.
 It is verry funny.
 by Megan and Ilah.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Here is a  fabulous video of  Tia D, Kiana, Nadia, Ali and Renee  doing the cup song in LC 8 at Riverdale School. They're fantastic!!! Aren't they good?. You will be amazed at what they did.What stars they are!!!!!

By Ilah and Camryn

Sunday, August 18, 2013

We do Swimming lessons at the Lido. Here are some photos that Zach took. Alex is learning to use a lifejacket.  The others are learning life-saving skills. Posted by Zach and Eva


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Here is a fabulous picture of us swimming at the Lido. We are having our swimming lessons. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013