Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

LC8 Funny jokes!

LC 8 has been looking at funny jokes to go on the radio.  Mike West is coming to the hall on the 20th of July.  Here are some of LC8's jokes :   
 1.  What do ants have when they are sick?  Antibiotics.  By Megan.
 2.  How do you make a susage roll? You roll it down the hill.  By Madi.
 3.  "Knock Knock." "Who's there?" "Dwane."   "Dwane who?" "Drain the bathtub before I drown."    By Matt.
 4.  How do you give an Elephant a bath? First you find a a very large rubber duckie. By  Winter.
 5.  Where do cows stay when they go on a trip?  In moo-tells. By Jessica.
 6.  "Will you rember me in a day"? "Yes"  "Will you rember me in a week"? "Yes" ""Will you rember me in a morth?" "Yes" "Will you rember me in a year?" "Yes" "Will you rember me in a century?" "Yes." Knock Knock! "Whos there?" You forgot me already!" By Mikai.
Here are all our LC8 jokes. We hope you like them.
By Mia and Ruby.